The City of West Fargo and the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments have partnered to study 13th Avenue between 17th Street SE and Cass County 28 (15th Street NW), as well as Cass County 28 (15th Street NW) between 13th Avenue and Main Avenue. The study is driven by the growth potential in this area, along with the need to replace aging pavement.

This study will include public input and technical analysis to determine future construction projects to meet the needs of current and future motorists. Areas of interest include bicycle and pedestrian use, public transit accommodations, and explore adding a bridge across I-94 and the Sheyenne Diversion channel.

About the Project

Project Overview

The Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments (Metro COG) initiated this study of 13th Avenue /15th Street in West Fargo to support smart planning and spending, and to foster future growth in this corridor. The study will occur in two phases. The final study, including the preferred design options and a cost analysis, will be presented to the Metro COG in late spring 2018.

Study Benefits


This study is funded with federal transportation funds and by the City of West Fargo.

Project Timeline

Fall 2017-Fall 2018


The project team will gather public input and complete a corridor analysis.

Winter 2018-Spring 2019


Public open house to gather input on the design options developed in Phase 1.
4-6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018
West Fargo City Hall Training Room
800 Fourth Avenue E.

Early February 2019: Design recommendations

March 2019: City of West Fargo and Metro COG committee presentations

Study Area Map

The project corridor consists of 13th Avenue from the intersection at 17th Street E near the Spitfire restaurant to Cass County 28 (15th Street NW) near the Red River Valley Fairgrounds, as well as Cass County 28 (15th Street NW) from 13th Avenue to Main Avenue.

Project Map coming soon
  • 0 Parks
  • 0 Signalized Intersections
  • 0 Adjacent Commercial Zones
  • 0 Pedestrian Crossings
  • 0 Connecting Streets/Driveways
  • 0 Single-Family Homes
  • 0 Multi-Family Housing Communities
  • 0 Feet of Roadway
  • 0 Feet of Sidewalk/Trails

Get Involved

Public participation is an important component of this corridor study. Gathering information about how the 13th Avenue / Cass County 28 (15th Street NW) corridor is currently used and what the community would like it to become will help inform the project team's designs for the future of this corridor.

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Why is a study of 13th Avenue in West Fargo being conducted?×

This study was initiated by the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments (Metro COG) to help the City of West Fargo evaluate the needs of this major corridor and to support both smart planning and efficient spending on construction. This area is experiencing more users and traffic, while at the same time the infrastructure—including the pavement and public utilities—is coming to the end of its service life. The City of West Fargo is examining a broad range of improvements on 13th Avenue and 15th Street and is working closely with the City of Fargo to the east and the Cass County Highway Department to the west.

What is the Metro COG?×

Metro COG is the designated metropolitan planning organization, MPO, for the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area and is responsible for maintaining a continuous, comprehensive and coordinated transportation planning process. Serving on the Metro COG are local planning partners representing the cities, counties, and states.

Why are you asking for input now, when 13th Ave is already under construction?×

The construction currently in progress on 13th Avenue is the result of previous planning and analysis for which preliminary designs were approved by the West Fargo City Commission. However, our communities continue to grow and transportation trends change. This study takes advantage of the opportunity to study design options that support both the current users and possible growth. The portion of this corridor that is scheduled to be reconstructed next year is in the early stages of the design process. Any new ideas we capture through this study could be incorporated into design plans for next year's project.

How will my input be used?×

Your input on how you travel through the area, challenges you experience, or improvements you’d like to see will support the long-range planning for this corridor.

View a graphic of the process

Where can I learn more about the economic growth impacting West Fargo streets?×

The Planning Department publishes an annual report that discusses the historic and current growth in the City of West Fargo. The latest report is available at For more information on the City’s Economic Development Program, visit

What is a corridor study?×

Corridor studies help the City of West Fargo smartly plan and program projects. Documenting the need for a project through research and data helps the City of West Fargo understand its options and move projects forward.
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